Latin American living in the north of Italy.
Rocío Bolanos (also known by my second name:
I am the founder of Lexicon Meaningful Languages, a Learning Academy which provides a wide range of services such as: Writing and Translations, Business Support, Custom Courses and, Art and Culture workshops to schools of every level, companies, mini-groups and individuals.

My a multifarious work experience in TESOL/TEFL teaching, writing and translating (English, Spanish, Italian) comes from my Journalism, Literature and contemporary languages education. The multicultural background and collaboration with different multinational companies developed into a strong passion for entrepreneurship and every kind of entrepreneurs/companies. I am a voracious reader, a people person and a problem solver. My passion and enthusiasm for life are contagious.

Today, my job is to help my clients develop their skills with personalized services together with my network

I embrace cultural distinctions and turn them into assets for the LEXICON MEANINGFUL LANGUAGES LEARNING ACADEMY.

Rocío Bolaños

Rocío Bolaños Photo

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